About Us

Why join the Safe Space Community?

Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime and this can also affect family and friends – Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham are on a mission to make sure no one feels alone and are able to access support when they need it the most.

Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham are committed to our community and we are constantly working to improve the lives of those affected by mental health. We are pioneering a community response to improve mental health and wellbeing within our area.

With the help and support from people with lived experience of mental health and local organisations we have developed an exciting new project called ‘Safe Space Community’.  We hope to create a wonderful network of ‘safe spaces’ where members of the community who are experiencing mental health and emotional needs will be welcomed, safe from stigma and judgment and allowed the time and sanctuary when they need it.

How will it work?

If you are want to become a member click here.


Thank you so much for thinking of joining Safe Space Community, with your support we can make sure less people feel alone within our community.

If you join the Safe Space Community, your organisation will be sent an information pack, which will include:

  • ‘Safe Space Community’ including window sticker, information leaflets and contact cards
  • Information about our services at Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham
  • Information about local mental health and crisis services
  • Opportunities for your team to access training and awareness courses

People who we support in the community will receive a membership card and where possible we would encourage organisations to offer a loyalty card system or a discount.

Our clients will receive this card for 6 months, after this time frame we will reassess our clients needs.


We are delighted that you have come to visit our Safe Space network and we hope that this community will help you when you need us the most.

To join our Safe Space Community, you will have to create an account.  This will enable you to view our website and locate your nearest Safe Space, highlight your favorites and leave a customer review.

The website has a map so that you can see where the Safe Spaces are located and even ask for directions. You can pick from 8 different categories of Safe Space, ranging from food and drink to sports and leisure.

If you have used our service at Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham you will be issued a membership card for Safe Space Community, which you can show at the venue of your choice in return for some support or a nominal discount on the spaces services. (The discount offer will vary from space to space.)

We just want you to feel safe and supported, whenever that may be.